Mark's Real Home - downstairs

So here's the downstairs. The front room still needs some work, like a floor putting in! :)

Inside the front door we have the stairs on one side and my dining table on the other with the keyboard (piano substitute).

Inside the front door

Then under the stairs and towards the back of the room is where it all happens, the computer and TV!
I laid the floor myself with Dad's help, look here for the evidence!

Where it all happens

A slight change from when the last image was taken is the recent addition of a piano to my front room! Many thanks to Ross for making it possible... here's the new look front room

New pride and joy!

Through in the kitchen is obviously the scene of many great works, including beans on toast and world renowned bacon sarnies. Washing up is optional...

The scene of many a delicious creation

Out the back there's loads of room for summer activities! It's the camera not the house that's wonky btw.

BBQ location of the summer!

Glutton for punishment? WANT MORE!? Then click below to go upstairs...

Take a peep upstairs...