Mark's Real Home - upstairs

WOW, you've made it this far! Well here's the upstairs then...

Firstly there's the front bedroom which has my new bed in. Very comfortable, espcially compared to the inch thick matress on the floor which I was sleeping on before...

The main bedroom

The there's the guest room. More new beds which Mum bought so that she and Dad had somewhere to sleep when they came to stay! Thankyou!! :)

Guests stay here

Well that leaves the bathroom in all it's glory.

The thunderbox

So, as you can tell there's work to be done. The house was just split in two and I bought one half, so it's all been newly painted and there are new carpets and floors in (apart from the front room downstairs). Redecorating is on the cards, but will have to wait for more spare time and motivation.